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“Over the past two decades, Spain has been peerless in producing champions in most of the world’s leading sports. Behind this unparalled success lies a model that combines sound knowledge, expertise and strong passion, methodically applied across various teams and passed down from generation to generation.

This success in competitive sport has generated a huge demand in the consumption of sport at a fan level. At Sported we are committed to the design and execution of events where sport is the platform and vehicle for a better education, and an appealing way to motivate people, especially the younger generations.



Sported Football is managed by Víctor Sánchez del Amo and his Technical Staff. They present a complete vision of coaching and share the key elements of the Spanish Football methodology, adapted for each customer depending on the project and objectives.

Sported Football shares a global vision of the sport and offers international experience beyond Spain in countries such as Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore or Greece among others.


Sported Tennis offer different programmes to export and implement the key elements of success and Spanish tennis methodology under the leadership of Feliciano López, who was ranked in the ATP top 100 for 18 years and reached no. 12 in the world (2016), and Juan Manuel Esparcia, coach, coach educator and ATP tour manager (RPT Worldwide Coach of the Year 2010). More than 20 years' experience on tour from the player, coach and educator point of view.

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