Sported Lab

Sported Lab

Within the Sported DNA is continuous improvement and learning from the experiences and projects managed throughout the world. This ability leads us to the creation of a global Think Tank that facilitates the incubation and acceleration of sports projects through a global network of partners and investors.

Sported Lab is the entrepreneurial spirit of SportEd and a vehicle to transform this vision and add value to the sports industry by creating entrepreneurial initiatives with higher success rates in order to transform them into real companies. Sported Lab is the platform to create the best possible environment for these new initiatives, supporting their growth and development.

At Sported Lab we promote the interaction of three key factors in entrepreneurship: 

  • Innovation (knowledge + continuous learning).
  • Global contact network.
  • Investor capital search.

And we work in two areas of specialisation:

  • Entrepreneurship applied to the improvement of sports performance. (Sport-Competition)
  • Sport management, media and digital transformation. (Sports-Business)

We offer the consulting services of our team of 360 experts in the sports industry, as well as our global network of contacts with strategic relationships over five continents.

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